How this community works?

How does the community works?

Every person who is involved in supporting the growth of its ecosystem is INVITED to join! You just need to create a user to actively participate, sending materials or simply commenting on this platform.

How to participate?

Send us your (s) text (s) and / or video (s) to explain a real case of what you have been doing to accelerate an ecosystem to You can also send a post regarding what you have been learning in the process of accelerating an ecosystem.

How to participate commenting?

  1. Leave your comments at the bottom of the post / video you want to comment in the comment box. Remember to enter your user to comment and / or post.

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Texas, USA

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Interview with Kevin Koym 

Kevin Koym’s influence has been felt by over 5,500 entrepreneurs from 26 countries. His continuous ability to replicate entrepreneurial success for emerging technology companies through development of training and web-based systems designed to create a local culture of success and entrepreneurship is a result of a proven community-based...

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