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Greg Horowitt - What would be the difference in strategy for a small emerging ecosystems ?

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Greg Horowitt's interview

Greg Horowitt is the Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of Global CONNECT, based at the University of California, San Diego. Global CONNECT is a consultancy focused on the development and growth of successful innovation based clusters worldwide, and has grown to encompass one of the world's largest networks of innovation hubs, including 40 programs in 20 countries.

Greg is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of T2 Venture Capital, a seed and early stage venture fund and advisory firm focused on high impact innovation in the technology and healthcare sectors. He has led T2's involvement in portfolio companies, including Somark Innovation, Biomatrica, Independa, GroundMetrics, and AutoPoint Software (sold to SRS Solutions). Beyond T2's portfolio companies, Greg has personally advised and mentored more than 200 companies.

He is the co-author of the bestselling book, The Rainforest: the Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, which examines the dynamics and drivers of innovation ecosystems based on first-hand experience and insights gathered from work in regions in more than a dozen countries around the world. He is the co-founder of the Global Innovation Summit and the Rainforest Architects Program, as well as a co-developer of the Rainforest Index.

Greg's views on global innovation systems and their economic and social sustainability has led to extensive public speaking engagements as well as media references, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, WIRED, Forbes, Fortune, New Scientist, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Additionally, Greg is a Kauffman Fellow, a member of a select program to groom leaders of the venture capital industry. He is an advisor, speaker, and consultant to development organizations, including the World Bank, the US State Department, OECD, USAID, the Aspen Institute, and the National Academies of Science among other organizations. He also severs as a board member of CONNECT and the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation.

Greg was formerly the interim Managing Director of CONNECT, an organization which is generally credited with San Diego's success as a technology leader. CONNECT has helped launch over 300 companies that have gone on to raise more than $600 million in early-stage funding and achieved over $12 billion in market capitalization.

Prior to CONNECT, Greg's life was as an entrepreneur and investor, having been involved with a number of Silicon Valley startups and with venture capital, including serving as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Prior to that, he was the President and CEO of the Praetorian Group, a venture-backed software and online media company. For nearly 20 years before managing the Praetorian Group, Greg was an executive with a Berkshire Hathaway operating company.

Greg is a Regents Scholar who holds a degree with high honors in Biochemistry and minors in Economics and Music Performance from the University of California, San Diego.

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