How this community works?

How does the community works?

Every person who is involved in supporting the growth of its ecosystem is INVITED to join! You just need to create a user to actively participate, sending materials or simply commenting on this platform.

How to participate?

Send us your (s) text (s) and / or video (s) to explain a real case of what you have been doing to accelerate an ecosystem to You can also send a post regarding what you have been learning in the process of accelerating an ecosystem.

How to participate commenting?

  1. Leave your comments at the bottom of the post / video you want to comment in the comment box. Remember to enter your user to comment and / or post.

Know us

Welcome to this global community of people who are committed to accelerate the growth of their entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. Using  the excuse of  the book being written on the subject by Leonardo Maldonado and Greg Horowitt, we are coming together to share our experiences and learn collectively.

Most of the literature is designed to guide public policies without giving keys to local ecosystems workers. Therefore, we want to  focus the discussion on real action, so that those who work daily in the trenches accelerating their ecosystems can have tools at their disposal.

There is much written about the formulas that enable a successful ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation as Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv. However, these examples in most cases are not translatable to our emerging ecosystems. We do not have the same resources, talents, or networks that successful ecosystems have been accumulating over time. In many cases their human capital was built by attracting part of the talent out of our own ecosystems. That's why we need to talk about our cases, our scale, our challenges and our solutions.

There are very few publications, for those of us that are working on the field accelerating the growth of our ecosystems, and even less if we are talking about emerging ecosystems. This is why we exist! We want to be a concrete tool to contribute to the growth and development of emerging entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems around the world.

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