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How does the community works?

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Larissa Pak

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Larissa Pak

After now over 15 years of professional experience working for private and non-profit sector in marketing and communications I take a break  to set for a journey.

I was 16, started my first job, working and studying, when the Internet emerged. Internet has literally opened the knowledge abundance now not limited to the “world library” series in my parents’ house. That was an amazing, breakthrough experience. After one “Iron curtain” removed, an Internet was an awesome unbelievable gift for someone striving for knowledge.

Years later, having returned from graduate studies in Moscow, having worked for a multinational corporation, I was invited to manage the largest regional media event. It was also about the time when I started feeling the hunger for insightful and meaningful dialogue in the society which happened to be bound for social stagnation dominated by the political oppression. I then started organizing a 10-15 people informal meetings, a club, to talk about everything intellectual… and discovered the whole world of TED. TED has become a capacious metaphor which translates all the important meanings of my mission – to help bringing enlightenment.

For the last 7 years I was working for what has become the largest retail bank in the country, as a top manager responsible for marketing and corporate communications, leading the team of 30, a great and ambitious team indeed. These were the fast-paced years of big numbers growth, bold projects, personal changes, in other words, of everything what is happening with a large and successful start-ups.

Now I am on the way of uniting my skills and knowledge with the mission and meaning. 

  • When it comes down to actually doing things, what does it take? I believe it is the most important question among many. What it takes for people to be wishing for better but one person to start putting them together. After having traveled literally around the Globe and having interviewed over 30 active doers in places from Japan to Guatemala to India, I have come to one major answer to the question I put above - it takes courage and inspiration.

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